Render Cleaning

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Render Cleaning

FreeFlow are specialists in Render Cleaning that are absolutely devoted to restoring render back to its former glory.

With a unique approach using a special wash which is mixed specifically for each jobs requirements as well as using steam rather than pressure to completely restore render back to make your building look like it was when it was new.

If your building is looking tired and old, we will make it look like new – and guess what? There is absolutely no need to repaint.

We know how weathered render can really affect a buildings looks, this is why we love cleaning and restoring render for our clients.

Neglected render that may be dirt, weathered, or covered in algae, our job is to make your render look great again without the need to repaint.

We offer high quality service at affordable prices and cannot wait to get started on bringing your buildings render back to pristine condition.

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Commercial Render Cleaning as well as domestic Render Cleaning.

FreeFlow cater for both Commercial and Domestic Render Cleaning.

Weather, algae, moss growth and pollution can cause a severe amount of damage to the render on your building if left untreated. FreeFlows team of professionals who are highly skilled, as well as being absolutely dedicated to the task will expertly restore your buildings render to it’s former glory.

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So what is involved in Render Cleaning?

FreeFlows team of dedicated professionals use follow a low pressure cleaning process which uses cleaning solutions that are uniquely blended for each individual job.

Our cleaning solution is applied at a really low pressure on the most delicate surfaces, you do not use a pressure washer on high pressure.

FreeFlows Render Cleaning  and Soft wash process is aimed not only to clean your surfaces but also to remove spoilations such as algae and molds that decompose the surfaces they grow on.

FreeFlow would like to thank Chemistry for making our Render Cleaning and Soft washing process so effective!

Some surfaces may require additional pressure to get the maximum cleaning effect, some surfaces require more time and patience.

FreeFlow can guarantee that we will always dedicate ourselves to ensuring optimal results in the most cost effective way possible.

With hundreds of happy clients such as Holiday Inn Express and Starboard Hotels our track record is tried, tested and proven that we deliver every time.

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