Exterior Building Cleaning and Restoration Specialists

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FreeFlow Building Cleaners

The presentation of your business premises is really important because in many cases it’s what greets your new clients. You don’t want to create a poor first impression with clients due to a tired and dirty-looking building because the facade is the first thing visitors will notice when they arrive. Our team of skilled staff specialise in building cleaning services and we work extremely hard to deliver exceptional quality building cleaning. We cover a whole range of building materials including render, cladding, wood, stone, brick and metal finishes which are found on the external walls of a building.

We offer high quality service at affordable prices and we understand it’s important to keep your building in excellent condition.

Why choose FreeFlow?

  • Building exterior cleaning specialists
  • High-quality service at affordable prices
  • State-of-the-art cleaning equipment
  • Experienced with all types of building

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Freeflow has a professional team with all the right tools to get the job done. We’re knowledgeable in all areas of building cleaning and we can advise which technique will produce the optimum effect on your commercial premises.

Pressure washing is best for some buildings but others may require more care and attention to detail using specialist our softwashing equipment and we even have a dustless blasting system for more delicate hard-to-clean surfaces. At FreeFlow we’ll always use our experience to advise you and to produce the best commercial cleaning services, regardless of the surface or the finish that you need.

There are inherent dangers involved with cleaning the exteriors of buildings, not to mention it can be time consuming. At FreeFlow, all our technicians are properly trained with all the cleaning equipment. We have the resources and equipment to access all the hard-to-reach places involved with building cleaning and we always ensure that our work is carried out in a safe manner.

We work with a number of businesses in a wide range of buildings including factories, warehouses, offices, commercial units and more. No matter how obscure the building is, we can clean it.

The exterior building cladding cleaning and restoration services provided by FreeFlow include:

  • The cleaning, restoration and application of protective coatings to preserve buildings
  • Removal of organic matter and atmospheric pollution
  • Safe systems for working at height
  • Cost effective solutions to clean all types of building exterior surfaces

Exterior building cleaning and cladding restoration can effectively remove a whole range of contaminants including:

  • Stains
  • Organic matter
  • Carbon deposits
  • UV damaged surfaces
  • Man made damage
  • Paint removal
  • “Chalkiness” removed from powder coated and plastic surfaces

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